New Commission - Dance Associate Newry

I am creating a new dance work for 16 young dance students involved in the Dance Associate venture run by Nina Dibb in Newry. 'Chairs and Stairs' is being choreographed over Zoom dancing on chairs, on stairs, and hopefully outside as well. Delighted to begin a new collaboration with composer Anselm McDonall who is writing a piece for marimba.

Seed Commission - Maiden Voyage's Resi-dance project

Excited to be researching a new idea as one of the artists selected by Maiden Voyage to work on a seed idea for their Resi-dance project. This will be research on a trio of dancers, collaborating with composer Nick Boyle, exploring the notions of time and timing in dance, relating to one another and to the music.

New Commission - Echo Echo Festival of Movement & Dance

I am delighted to have been selected to create work for the 2021 festival curated by Echo Echo in Derry/Londerry in February. I am collaborating with Nick Boyle who I first worked with in 2018 for Terra Nova Productions 'Midsummer Night's Dream'. We are exploring the relationship between dance and music and enjoying how the art of listening affects movement. I will be performing myself while Nick plays piano live. It's so good to be moving again, and it's hard to beat live music! The performance has been postponed but a work-in-progress sharing takes place on 24th February via Zoom.

SIAP Awarded for research, choreography and filming

Thanks to the Arts Council of Northern Ireland for being able to support more artists than usual through the SIAP scheme (Support for the Individual Artist Programme). I got the award that I applied for which allows me to continue my research into Craniosacral Therapy and its links to dance. Looking forward to doing that in collaboration with dance teacher, therapist and choreographer Marina Collard of TrinityLaban in London. I will also be filming my solo 'Eimí' working with videographer James Rea Jr. (Belfast Bohemian productions).

New Award for professional development 

Thanks to a Launchpad award from Dance Ireland, I am able to develop my skills as a movement coach for dancers, something I've been keen to move into for a while. I have some funding to offer three dancers some coaching in technique and performance (through a short choreographic work). I will be drawing on my training in movement analysis and experience as a technique tutor and rehearsal director. This award will enable me to spend time one-to-one with dancers and work on things they are thinking about or concerned about, and would like an outside eye, or some fresh approach when they've reached a dead-end. It's something that professional dancers rarely get to do, but singers for example wouldn't dream of continuing without it. Also, there are many dancers who have gaps in their training and could do with some TLC in this area. I hope I can help!